Friday, January 6, 2012

Video Compilation and Soundtrack Update

This video shows the update of both, the soundtrack done by Dave Keefe and of animated scenes I have worked on lately. Hopefully we’ll be able to discuss if all of them are working and what should be changed, when we meet on Monday.


  1. 1:12 to 1:16. Would it be possible have to slight zoom-in here? Currently it feels a bit static.

  2. *to have a

    Apologies, too much post-Christmas Turkey social theory ugh...

  3. totaly agree with you Tom. That shot (and the next after it ) are from the old previz..
    Cheers! :]

    1. Hi Jolanta and Leo! just wanted to stop by and say well done for tackling such complex animation! Your learning and practice really shows and Im pleased to see that.lovely.
      I like the sound, atmosphere and the characters. .. but I crave to see more of the evil wolf's performance. his bulky sharp edged body shouldnt stop him from being frighfully dynamic, but can add to it.I know I had shown this in one of our classes before,.. but I always find it inspiring, take a look at Glen Keane's pencil animation of his Beast
      And I know Im being picky here, but Im taking the liberty cos I know your capacity... The shot where the wolves are jumping overhead camera (1.17 onwards) is a bit static with no movement in both the wolves muscles and limbs.
      Loving the development of your project.. keep it going guys. goodluck.

  4. hey meg! :] giving you 10+ for this massive feedback :]
    Thanks for being so thorough :] However, that paeticular shot wasn't animated in this pre-viz :D hopefully it will be looking nice with the animation already set in place :] cheers! :]

  5. Thanks for the feedback Meg! Its great to hear from you. Hopefully we will have done these wolves justice!