Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animatic for The Wolves Within, J.J.'s Take

to put together an animatic after having discussed the stoyry today,  was quicker than I thought, so here it is.

(A note on the soundtrack, Phil suggested it might be worth trying to find a new, young composer and simply getting them to write it for as the external examiner for the course has requested that any music in CG projects should be royalty-free/copyright free or specially commissioned, otherwise the resulting film's ability to be shown beyond the walls of the University is capped. )

 This sequence embodies a metaphor. Two wolves , which represent the good and the bad side in each of us, race from the unconscious part of our psyche to the conscious one, with the aim to take over and  dominate one's entity . On the way each of the two seemingly take over. However, it all comes to an equal fight at the end, as the legend concludes, there is no single winer, as it is us who decide  which side will take over.

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