Friday, September 30, 2011

Animatic, Leo's Take

My initial take on the animatic for The Wolves Within. Be sure to check out Jolanta's too!

A number of changes/tweaks come to mind while putting together this initial animatic, so except some further developments. The sound is temporary for the moment, but it serves to capture the sort of tone we're trying to achieve. Its not fully confirmed yet, but we'll most likely need a sound guy to help create the soundtrack for us (students welcome) - so drop a comment or email if you're interested.


  1. I'm blown away! :D well done! :] Is looking excitting. though I seriously believe the music wich would be suited to work with this animation , would trully push it, and the narration also. I'm suggesting.. to think when we'd like to bring it all in, possibly start some arrangement to get it all :]
    but I suppose we can talk monday? :]
    but really, this made day, this animatic :D

  2. Cool good to hear your pumped! I think there can be a few tweaks regarding some shots which I'll try to get out before monday - I'll be on skype as well.

    Concerning narration, think we can find some voices over at - so check it out and made a note of any good voices if you have some spare time :)

  3. What's happening in the end? Is the blue thing a human? Cool animatic apart from that.

  4. not just a human, but his soul. the end is left unsolved as narrator says: which wolf will win?
    the one you feed...
    so nothing happens, we close the shot