Monday, November 28, 2011

Evil Wolf Textured

Much like for the doll's texturing I've used mental ray shaders, colour pass and ambient occlusion bake-in. The Bump map was applied only for the face (Nose and around the eyes) oppositely to the initial idea to make it scratchy and worn. I've figured that a deity type of character perhaps wouldn't be physically "damaged" as it is more of a spiritual embodiment.


  1. Indeed! A little less glow on the eyes maybe - again, to stop it going too sci-fi?

  2. Nice Jolanta - just remember to keep the eyes separate from the wolf so we can render the eyes out with their own alpha to further tweak the glow in compositing.

    I can see how the angular body and now the green glow of eyes can be pushing it too sci-fi, so something to watch out for. Hopefully when combined with all the other elements it will fit more naturally.

  3. yes, I see eyes are too intense in glowing. I haven't yet seperated them, but it will only be easy :]