Friday, November 18, 2011

Shrine Environment #03

A lot of experimenting with textures and Normal Maps this week, while making more progress with the shrine environment. Textures have been applied throughtout the environment along with additional adjustments to the lighting.

Shrine Model with Normal Map

Totem Models

The base models of the totems was taken into Zbrush, polypainted (painted directly onto the model rather than a flat texture map) and scuplted for additional details. From this, normals maps and texture maps from polypaint were exported and applied to the base mesh.


  1. Hey you two! How's it going? Obviously, you're busy working away at your various assets. Just a thought - the very strong blue column of light does give a 'sci-fi' vibe to this scene - I know it's not quite resolved yet - but something more gentle maybe? You know, I quite like the doll just floating without the column of light...

  2. Hey Phil, we're ok - just busy moving things along in production!

    Yes I forgot to mention the blue column of light is just a placeholder at the moment, as we have some ideas and experimenting to carry out with dynamics.