Saturday, November 12, 2011

Modeling Progress: Evil wolf and Doll

 I have started modeling the evil wolf. The approach here is to have two modeling layers: soft , for rigging purposes, and armor. Again, some shapes will alter for better translation.

Details on the doll’s model. Sticking to the feel of concept painting I have added facial detail and some trimming. I also posed it already, as supposedly this character won’t be animated as much (only overall float and some cloth simulations).

 UV’s for both, the good wolf and the doll are also ready. However, I won’t be moving to texturing just yet, as I imagine the priority is to get the characters rigged so both of us, me and Leo, can work with them while texture and detail maps will be readied

I'll finish the bad wolf model and then move to the scary fields or rigging .... 

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