Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Key Shot Dynamics

Update on the progress with dynamics over the key sequences of the animation, created using Maya dynamics and post compositing in After Effects. Each dynamic element has to be rendered out separately for optimal control in post compositing, where the environment itself may still look at little rough as they were not rendered at this stage. Some further tweaking and refinements is still necessary as their not quite there yet.

Evil Wolf Dynamics Test

The dynamics are mainly following their influence from the initial concept here. Movements of the dynamics need to be sharper to better reflect the nature of the evil wolf.

Good Wolf Dynamics Test

Following the concepts from here. The markings are being generated randomly with instancing objects, although I'm considering to animate the markings manually for better control (or perhaps a combination of the two). Tweaking to the density of the purple lights may also be in order.

Shrine Dynamics Test

There will need to be two sets of dynamics for when the shrine; one where it is relatively dormant during the opening, to another with a rushing of activity as it beckons the wolves to the soul. The above example is admittedly not quite one or the other as of yet, serving as an experimentation of ideas with ethereal like flames to swirling trails of energy.


  1. Hey Leo! :]

    I've just got the coments from Phil about the latest soundtrack. I want to go to Dave asking for another fix. I was thinking to give him the latest lates stuff in a form of animatic so he can finetune the music to the visuals we already have( think all these shots with dynamics etc, will be a good inspiration and director of what kind of music is needed)

    Since you have the latest pre viz shots and scenes in development, can I ask you to put it together following the timing carefully, as we are, so that I can send this latest one to Dave and he could add music on top of it. And could I get it some time later today or friday?
    What you think :]

  2. Sure thing, I will get it together by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. My net just seems to be working now but is unbearably slow at the moment - hopefully it will return to normal soon.