Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Soundtrack Test

Here is the video to show how the soundtrack was changed. We asked our composer Dave Keefe to add more beat for the build up till the very end of the soundtrack. He came back with 3 minutes long of soundtrack, and this was edited and combined with the original version.
Feedback very Welcome, as I am to pass a word to him if this is what we needed or if there should be some other changes.
Mind, that I’m using relatively old animatic without updated scenes from pre-viz.


  1. Hi JJ - it's late - the punchier percussion is good, but I really think that you need to get Dave to compose the right amount of music for the animation, as opposed to you guys cutting it down; right now, it feels as if it doesn't grow as a consolidated piece of music; it feels like a cut-together 'test' - not a composition with its own internal pace and crescendo... however, the shot with the two wolves at the start really works well.

  2. hi Phil,
    I totaly agree.. the fine tuning took very long but it still didn't feel growing natural. I'll pass the feedback to Dave and ask nicely to give it another go :D