Friday, December 16, 2011

Previs 2 + Soundtrack Guidelines

Latest Previs

This should be intended timing and pacing of each shot, so time the soundtrack to the lastest previs above

Soundtrack points and general guidelines
There is a three act structure for the soundtrack, these are the points that should be evident in the soundtrack.

The Beginning – Setting the tone/atmosphere
Pretty much there, no real changes necessary.

The Race – Buildup of tension
Anticipation of race
Start/‘gunshot’ of race
Build-up of the race
Drop of sound when transitioning to the climax act

The Climax – Final epic stand-off
Tension builds up on each cut of the wolves,
Drumbeat accompanies each cut e.g. close up of evil wolf, to a close up of the good wolf

Overlap of light atmosphere sounds over the Title and Credits is nice, as already present in the current soundtrack

Overall, we feel there should be no strings, but could have a lot more drums to build the tension.

If you can separate the acts into separate files that be great, or even the sound document itself if its possible.

Can we have the sound file as either an Mp3 320kbps or Lossless .wav/.flac? Technical mumbo jumbo I know but it be great to have optimal formats.

Thanks again!

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