Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Landing and Sliding Jump animation

Lately I’m working on Good wolfs landing and sliding jump animations. These are examples of first pass animation, which later will be further defined and adjusted to the scenes.

There were no longer any reference images from Muybridge, therefore I have looked for some videos on youtube and print-screened some key frames to inform my animating.

I am aware that the sliding jump animation seems to rely on translate keyframing, meaning the body seems stiff. I'll revisit this one after some time off, as I found it is worth animating back again with a fresh eye.


  1. Hey just some thoughts I had - Think there should be more slide on the ground for the follow through animation, as in the animatic the wolves don't quite come to a complete stop so to speak until after the extreme close up of the eyes. Also, with the shots and camera positing, we may not see too much turning in the air, perhaps using just the later stage around the point of landing.

  2. I agree. On the note of not seing them while jumping, I was thinking about the continuity between the shots... often a major problem I encountered when doing Ivan the bird.
    What if the gracefull wolf, we;d see him more in the air and landing, and for the evil one, landing and sliding more, so it appeared as if one is complimenting anothers action and the audience would assume that the good wolf is sliding too, so the eye shot can be done as we want it ( slightly moving accross the screen)

  3. I was talking about the continuity between the shot of jumping over the gap and landing shot