Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shrine Opening Test

One of the trickiest environments to tackle is the transition shot from the shrine where the camera pulls back through the environment. Here is a playblast of the scene focusing on the camera movements, with two minor variations in the editing. Elements such as lighting is not final.

We are yet to determine the idea of cutting to one or two shots of the wolves with the slow panning of the soul and narration, for a sense of tension/buildup before the race. Feedback is most welcome.


  1. Hey ! Nice visualizations! :]
    the essence seems to be there. What feels to me is that the camera speed could be ever increasing when pushing back, so "the corridor" should be much longer. Some tweaks to camera move and distance from when showing the doll could be done. at the moment seems some how lacking determination. for example,the next cut of the doll could start from a much closer distance to the doll, I'd say; and when after "the one you feed" we get back to the doll, the cam could be steady for just about a third of second and only then start pushing back through the environment.

    Also, I've got a new soundtrack from Dave , so I'll drop it in Dropbox :]

  2. oh, I also have tried to combine it with the old soundtrack and match to the animatic. it's on dropbox too :]

  3. Yep I agree - it needs to be a much more assertive, accelerated 'reverse hyper-space' pull-back - and it does feel as if you need more environment in order to achieve this; that said, I experienced a proper squeeze of excitement when I watched this! Bring it on, you two! 'Be Amazing' ;0)

  4. Cool thanks for the feedback guys, I much agree with the suggestions and will try to make the changes soon enough. Experimenting with some dynamics at the moment!