Friday, October 7, 2011

Animatic #5 + Storyboard

Our most recent animatic with version #5. The narration is now delivered at the very beginning before joining the race between the two wolves, where now two background soundtracks are included for better pacing purposes; an initial track to set the tone and tension before the race, and a second track providing a build up in a pace and intensity before the final culmination at the end of the race.

Updated storyboard with our most recent changes to help keep track of things.


  1. Great to see animatic number 5, but I think we may need an animatic number 6, 7, 8 too!

    I'm going to suggest that you go for something even more minimalist in terms of your opening sequence. For example - start the voice over in darkness, and then very gradually bring a light source up on your floating human effigy - really slowly, delicately. I also think you need to keep the soundtrack away from the voice-over for longer - let the narration work alone, and maybe bring the soundtrack up as gradually as the light source. It just feels to this viewer at least, that you can be more confident - and accomplish more atmosphere with less. I also suggest that you try and get your beats right at the animatic stage - therefore, create duration before the story starts - use blackness and quiet to your advantage. Slow it down. Likewise, after 'feed' - in timing terms, it feels that you need a full-stop here, before the second sequence kicks in - a proper intake of breath between paragraphs if you like - I'd really use the next set of animatics to deal with the content that is associated with pauses, blackness, tension and release.

  2. Ok, this is a good point, we too were thinking that now the work goes into the beat. We'll have a better discussion when we meet Thanks!