Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Selection of 4 Wolf Designs

Discussions of the past 2 weeks have directed development of wolves design to these 4, selected out of.. so far 22 different design ideas for both of the wolves. I hope we could select one of each and I could start concentrating on them two. To solve how they  work together and so on.

Wolves might have 'features' of other animals, for example, a bat. They informed these designs as native Americans have a assigned meanings and signs to almost every common animal. For example, Owl being a bad omen, wolf being a symbol for moral teaching, polar bear being a good omen. It was also very common in their culture to give names of an animal to a person, that he deserved. These reasons lead to considering such other-animal incorporation in to the personalities of two wolves.

It would be very appreciated if you could express your preferences now.


  1. ahhhhh it's so haaaaard! i'd say bad-1 good-2 :)

  2. good 2 - absolutely

    evil wolf.... not sure, you see, version 1 seems cartoonier than your others, and so, in a way, less like some primal force of nature. The fact that evil 2 is missing a tail, and is lacking a dynamic pose is making 'evil 1' seem more dynamic of the two, and yet, in design terms, the bulk of evil 2 just seems more, well 'evil'.

  3. cheers, this is puting things forward to me :]