Saturday, October 29, 2011

Character Fixes

Friday we have discussed designs and if they work from the side and front views , for the wolves. Also, it was clear that the previous soul design was to distinctive where a more general design would suggest easier identification with it.

The wolf’s nose wasn’t following design language of the body that was changed. Also, in the front view, had various issues with legs, width, and head. Hopefully overall, now it is working much better. However, front view often tends to look strange, cause we are missing back legs and all.

For the good one, only little changes in leg positioning ( so it doesn’t feel like falling over) and tail proportions.


  1. Doll is looking good - do you have a larger image? Wasn't enlarging for some reason which I just fixed but the preview is still small when you click it. Would the hands come out? Or just remain hidden under the sleeves.

    The evil wolf is looking better with its overall shape, but yes the front still looks a little strange for some reason. Perhaps its still a little too wide on the areas just beside the head/above the legs, or that the legs are still too far apart.

    Good wolf also feels much more balanced, and making the tail lighter makes the design feel more consistent throughout.

  2. thanks! I'll definitley revisit the bad wolf.
    Yeah,strange, the image seems to be large enough.... blogger interpretted it in its own way I guess :D

    with the hands.. I kind of imagine it being hidden in the sleves. Like you know, when in rituals they join the arms and it is fully covered by looong sleves , also reaching the floor almost :D but that can be optional

  3. to leave a note I replaced bad wolf's ortographs with a fixed one, so It doesn't need to be put