Thursday, October 6, 2011

Design Ideas for The Bad and Good Wolves

Today I had a chance to sketch out some ideas I had for both of the wolves. These are the sheets of variations in shape and structure ( I left other aspects like surface texture, colouring out of consideration). The main references while creating these, were wolf anatomy, of course, and native American carvings. Influence of their culture will be even better pronounced when we select particular designs and work on their better resolution.

Well, now its time to ask for your opinion. If you have any preference or comments over any of the wolves, drop a line :]


  1. I like evil wolf 1 and good wolf 4!

  2. I agree with Phil - Evil wolf 1 is suitably menacing, but I also like the head on Evil Wolf 4. I think you can introduce more triangular forms for the bad wolf - possibly some spiky fur, or pronounced ears, claws and teeth.
    For the good wolf, I think you need to give a more noble appearance - maybe a little more graceful , as opposed to the brutish, primal ferocity of the bad wolf