Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Wolf Concept #01

Initial concepts for the good wolf. In contrast to the evil wolf, the later restores life to the surroundings with light and colour.

Looking back at the piece, the current setting of a forest now feels distracting and perhaps underwhelming to the idea of inner space that the wolves are racing through. Needless to say, I will be experimenting with some more concepts to resolve this one.


  1. great stuff man :) mi see what your saying about the distraction though. Maybe revisit the 1st progression in this piece, as it has the composition, yet seems to have more 'atmosphere' then your finished piece....think it represents the 'inner world' more, and feels like it's still 'forming' in conciousness...if you see what I mean...I'll stop now haha sorry

  2. Ha cheers Bob, yes I see what you mean. This piece kinda got to me in the end, but I have some ideas running for another in mind which I'll get up soon enough.