Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week three: Defining Further

Week three has started and the time is spent to further define the project. We had run through our storyboards and are preparing yet another animatic.

We also set up some clear rules which help think about our project and guide its production:

The wolves race from “unconsciousness” through “sub consciousness” to “consciousness” , the environment corresponds to this idea (ex: unconscious – empty blackness)

Each wolf is always on the heels on the other

There are 3 main layers of each shot: Wolf, effects, environment

Wolves cannot affect immediate ritual space as none has taken it over.

As we are about to step in design stage, we piled up some more reference sheets. This time we are looking at native american graphics evident in carvings, decorations, amulets etc. Also some references of their dolls, which becomes the mcguffin in this animated short.

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