Thursday, October 20, 2011

Character Fix

Tuesday was a day of feedback on wolf Characters. After discussion with Leo and Phil, I also talked to Justin Wyatt. In short, it was obvious designs needed some problem solving and revisiting.

 For the good one things seemed to go over the top:  decorativeness  and saturated in complimentary colours  were obfuscating the shapes. I've added some mass to his neck and change the 'face make-up' .A little nice touch, suggested by Leo, was to get rid of eye pupils.

In contrast , the bad wolf , presented other set of problems. Mainly regarding shapes of the back  part of the body and how it would work in animation. He was looking stiff as a statue figure. The challange was to figure out how he'd work. So I've come up with this idea, which was kind of evident in the design already, that the bad wolf is tied with an anti-matter/black matter which is holding him in place. So when he moves parts come together and distance away.
I added tail ( finally :D ) and fixed the spine line.

I came across this truly useful video when understanding wolf movement:
Will  sure be used again


  1. AHHHHHH in love with the good one :D :D and the evil one is awesome also...but my fav is the good for's like when you see it, it couldnt have been anything else but that :) love that overall 'glow' that emits from the body :)

  2. Maan, you sound convincing! ((:D
    Biggest thanks!

  3. Nice one Jolanta. Good wolf feels much better now as it brings the visuals back slightly while retaining its mysticism. Feels much 'purer' in the sense.

    The changes to the evil wolf is also headed in the right direction, the rear leg feels much better. A small thing is that the tail in its current position may blend too much with the body and overall silhouette, so perhaps pull it away from the body a little bit - but I imagine when the wolf runs with movement the tail will become distinct enough.

  4. oh ok, few more opinions from the important people :D and I'll go onto drawing ortographs :] (withOUT the colour :D )