Friday, October 21, 2011

Feedback + Thoughts

Some general notes and thoughts for reference after feedback from today's tutorials.

Good wolf
Design and visuals is fine but legs/weight needs tweaking as the wolf feels a little off balanced. Additionally, the face had right quality in one of previous drawings which may have been lost in the later design (could be the lines/contours in the face). It could simply be a matter of toning things back a little to more standard wolf anatomy, but keeping current visual design.

I made some quick changes to the earlier design to see if the wolf feels more balanced. Hopefully, it retains its quality of the good wolf while not feeling too generic, especially once combined with the later visuals.

Evil wolf
Design is fine. The inside of the wolf between the segments is a black void type substance, perhaps a heavy smoke type effect which can further emit from the wolf as he runs.

  • Environment and visuals will reflect the metaphor of beginning in the depths of inner space before becoming closer to consciousness and reality of the human spirit. This will be reflected with abstract elements throughout the environment, that eventually lead to elements that suggest of being man made with Native American influences, particularly at the end with the culmination of the 'shrine' that holds the human spirit.
  • Colour of lights and elements can change as each wolf passes, can perhaps be done in Maya with scripts that independently change the colour as the wolf passes.
  • Movement of elements in the environment can be triggered as the wolves pass, and perhaps change in type of movement depending on which wolf passes eg. Evil wolf more sharp (violent?) movements in the environment that pulls away from the landscape, where the good wolf affects the environment with calmer movements, perhaps showing the abstract rocks and elements forming back together as a whole.

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