Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soul Representation Concept

Discussions lead to development of soul representation concept. This one combines ideas from three other dolls. Also, in Leo's concept I noticed he'd draw it white so I gave it a go and this prooved  to diminish the sinister qualities  "soul " designs  had before.

It was guided, as always, by the reference sheet of native american dolls


  1. you know what? While I really like this ethereal concept, I'm wondering if here the 'soul' is too magical, too special somehow. Isn't the soul a 'basic' - a kind of 'foundation'? I think the ghost-like aesthetic may be too much and will remove people from thinking 'hey, this is about me'. The thumbnail I do like is number 2 - a basic, cloth doll - nothing special, but somehow universal - and I can see how it might float beautifully in a simple, white column of light. I think if the doll had a 'home-made', child's toy quality, it would again feel vulnerable, innocent and impressionable. Your thoughts, Leo & JJ?

  2. well, that sounds fine with me. We both liked number 2 initially. A more simpistic representation for soul would actually make our lifes easyier in production as well .
    I'll be looking forward to hear what Leo thinks too :]

  3. I agree with you Phil and I think we had this in mind - the design here feels a little too unique that may suggest some unwanted messages on the idea of the human spirit.
    The doll should be more straightforward so that the audience can easily relate to the doll, while maintaining its innocence so as to not contend with the qualities of the wolves.